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The literal translation of Dharma Bermakna is “meaningful good deed” and accurately reflects the Dharma Bermakna Foundation (in Indonesian, Yayasan Dharma Bermakna or YDB) vision to develop new approaches in Indonesian education that cultivate all learners’ full potential. The YDB mission is to undertake evidence-based research and develop practices that build capacity in Indonesia to improve the teaching and learning in Indonesia.

YDB was legally established in 2012 following 18 years of operating and managing the not-for-profit Kindergarten-to-Grade 12 Sekolah PSKD Mandiri (SPM) school in the heart of Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta (www.spm.sch.id).


Education is about knowing where to go to find out what they need to know and it’s knowing how to use the information they get. In the effective classroom of today, students should not only know what they are doing, but why and how. Students should also learn to question “why not?”

“Every great advancement in science came from someone who dared to imagine.”

We envision energy and enthusiasm will light up every school classrooms in Indonesia with limitless possibilities, build children’s self esteem, confidence and release their creativity to imagine. For these students, imagination is equally important as knowledge – knowledge defines what we currently know and understand, where imagination points to all we might yet discover and create. Encouraging our students builds optimism. And optimism is the one quality more associated with success and happiness than any other. Optimism is the belief that leads to achievement.

We strongly believe that every student can learn, just maybe not on the same day, or in the same way.

By helping our students set high and realistic expectations for themselves, unleash their potential, nurture their talents, overcome their struggles, they will confidently go after their dreams, reach for the stars, achieve greatness and dignity.

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